We travelled to the Balkans on autumn 2017. My wife was pregnant at the time, so we took the opportunity to make a road trip and visit Hvar, Split, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and finally Dubrovnik as our last stop. We were not sure if it was the best time to visit Croatia, mainly because of the weather. But it was great. There were not so many tourists, so we were able to wander through each city and enjoy a Game of Thrones tour for just the two of us!

We rented a car in Dubrovnik and made a circuit. There’s not many trains or buses connecting this places, so this was a great way to see many places at our own pace.


My wife’s great grandfather came from Hvar during the first World War, so she had always wanted to see the island. As it was late October, some places were closed, but weather was very nice. We loved walking through beautiful alleys in Hvar Town, climbing to the castle on the hill, and throwing stones at the turquoise sea. And because of the time of the year, we found very cheap hotel rates đŸ˜‰


Our second stop on our Balkans road trip was Split. We took a great walking tour of the Diocletian Palace, and ended up climbing the bell tower for a beautiful view (and a lot of vertigo while looking down from the stairs…).

We had lunch at a place called Bokeria, where I had one of the best burgers I’ve ever tried.


We spent the last two days of our trip in Dubrovnik. It’s an awesome city, but a bit more expensive than the rest of our stops. On our first day, we wandered through the alleys following cats and found Barba (which I recognized because I’d seen its logo on Pinterest).

On our second day we took a Game of Thrones / city tour, where I took notes to design my GoT locations map. Another curious thing we found is Orlando’s Column, whose arm was used as a measuring unit. On the afternoon we walked through the city walls and ended the day by taking a boat through blackwater bay.