While living in Valencia, we traveled to Andalusia on holly week 2013. We visited four cities, a night each: Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga. We flew from Valencia and then took buses between each city, which are about two hours away from each other.

If you’re into Islamic art and architecture, or into Flamenco dancing and Spanish guitar, this trip is a must.


This city became famous for its world fair in 1992, but even more famous when its Alcazar appeared as the Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones (beautiful, no matter the boring plot…).

Seville is also famous for its processions during holly week. It might be crowded, but you ought to try and see them up close (we crossed through the pedestrian walkways to get inside).


When we arrived to Cordoba it was raining. Weather forecast said it would rain the whole day, so we decided to visit the Arab baths. It was very romantic to chill and relax while enjoying moorish architecture.


On the afternoon we went to one of my favorite places. It’s a labyrinth of moorish arches red and beige, with both Catholic and Muslim elements all over the place. It is one of the places where I’ve taken the most pictures during my travels.


Our third stop was this beautiful city where Flamenco is played in caves and on the streets, below a hill where La Alhambra castle stands. You can also walk through the city to find amazing moorish architecture like Puerta Monaita.


If you intend to visit this place, you have to buy your tickets in advance, or you’ll have to wake up before sunrise to get in line and get in. In the end we made it and it was so worth it. Moorish patterns and architecture, fountains, medieval towers… Its beautiful.