About me

Since I was a kid, I’ve been passionate about traveling. I get very serious about researching the best routes and activities for each trip. And I love capturing all the details and stories in my sketchbook.

I enjoy looking for the hidden gems and curious stories from each new place I visit. And I know it isn’t easy to find them. So I decided to start this project to share my insights, learnings, and epic fails, to help you organize your adventure and find the nerdyness in each place you visit.

Why am I doing this?

Professionally, I’m a design consultant & college teacher. My mission is to inspire people, through a design thinking approach, to develop creative and innovative products, services and experiences. I also participated in the Scouting movement for 16 years, where I got to coordinate recreative and social responsibility activities, both nationally and internationally.

So by learning and questioning, mapping journeys, understanding different perspectives, and sharing stories, I want to to go beyond tourism and change the way we travel, in order to leave this world a little better than I found it.

How do I work?

I carry a sketchbook everywhere. There’s a lot of spare time while traveling, so I try to draw as much as possible in flights, airports, benches, or even while waiting for food on a restaurant.

My drawings are not just based on what I see. I like making a proper research by reading guides, watching travel videos, listening to podcasts, talking to locals, and taking free walking tours, to learn as much as possible and turn it into funny, straightforward cartoons.

Can I help you plan a trip?

Of course! You can become a Patreon and get exclusive content like itineraries, travel videos, free guidebooks and travel consultancy for your next destination.

Besides, you’ll be helping me keep this project going, so we can reach more travel nerds, new destinations, and share more and more stories to the world.