We spent a year studying in Valencia, Spain, on 2012-2013. It’s a pretty little city, where you can ride a bike anywhere and eat delicious food. This post will cover some aspects inside and surrounding the city, as well was important events (las Fallas!) and seasonal information. For example, EVERYONE leaves Valencia in August because of the heat, businesses are closed and the temperature is really high.


As we did arrive in august, and two weeks before beginning clases, we had to make the most out of our time. We spent some days at Malvarrosa beach, where you can find lots of Paella restaurants and fly kites (there’s an event in spring with humongous kites, quite impressive).


Near the beach outside the city there’s this town where Salvador Dalí used to drink Orxata, a sweet drink made from tiger nuts, water, and sugar. Visit Orxateria Daniel for the most authentic experience.


The old town was originally guarded by large medieval walls. Nowadays there are still a few entrances with large towers, like Torres de Serranos. There are many places to visit inside the walls, like the Cathedral tower, el Carmen Neighborhood, the central market and la Lonja de la Seda.

While living in Valencia, we discovered Lindy hop dancing. Every week there were events in different places, outdoors in the summer and in bars during the winter.


Did you see Moonrise Kingdom? This place looks like the beach in the movie. It’s a national park with the sea on one side and a large lagoon on the other. There’s a cute stone beach where I picked up a river stone from which I made our engagement ring ?.


Valencia is most famous for this crazy event, where people build giant amazing sculptures in every corner and burn them on the night of the 19th of march. The city is closed down for 5 days, with paella-cooking contests in the street and party all night long.

There are fireworks every night, and every day at 2 pm (for 20 days) there’s the Mascletá: the loudest pyrotechnics you will listen to are triggered in front of the city hall.