I spent a couple of nights in Turkey back in 2004, as a final trip part of an exchange program back in high school. We went first to Greece and then arrived to Kusadasi by boat. We visited the ruins and then took a bus to Istanbul.


An amazing city. Too bad it was Monday, so we couldn’t visit Topkapi palace. We went to Hagia Sophia (one of the most amazing buildings I’ve been) where we drank tea from the backpack of a man. It sounds very touristy, but it was fun.

Afterwards we crossed the street towards the Blue Mosque, which is also an amazing place worth visiting.


We spent the afternoon inside the Grand Bazaar, where you can find lots of Turkish products (and famous brands’ replicas of clothing, bags, whatever you can imagine). There are lots of cheap things, but remember: they are used to bargain, so don’t buy with the first price they tell you (like I did (a lot)).