Back in 2011, my wife got a job offer and moved for a year to the Bay Area, right after we started dating. She lived near Palo Alto and I went to visit her 4 times. These are some of our best memories from then, although one didn’t end exactly well…


One of the coolest things in the Bay Area is the amount of innovative companies. We had the chance to visit Apple and Google headquarters.

Another really cool thing is its Farmer’s Market, where I tried the BEST pistachio ice-cream I’ve ever had (we saw lots of Pistachio trees on our way to Yosemite, more on that later).


On a Saturday during June, we took some bikes to cross the city, all around the bay and over the Golden Gate bridge. It was a little crowded, and I’m no expert on a bike, but it was a beautiful date… until we parked one of the bikes outside SF MoMA and was stolen!


I really like this museum, even though our bike got stolen at its entrance. We had the chance to visit several exhibits, my favorite being the one about Dieter Rams’s Braun designs.

A cool easter-egg we found is Waldo! You can see him on the top of a building from one of its windows.


Another cool date in San Francisco is watching the sealions, take a nice walk around Pier 39, and having lunch in one of our favorite bakeries: Boudin. Their tomato soup and grilled-cheese sandwich is a must!


One weekend we rented a car and took a drive towards Yosemite, which is about 4 hours from Palo Alto. We drove through large trees and rocks, walked around the park and saw a couple of great waterfalls. It was autumn, so the trees were beautifully colored in yellow and orange leafs.

On our way back we found some pistachio plantations, which was pretty cool too.