I went to Peru with my family on July 2008. We went to Colombia first, and then flew towards Lima. It was the first time I crossed the Equator.

*I drew this Andean guy playing the flute from a picture I took. It is very common to see locals dressed in traditional manners, specially near Cuzco and Machu Picchu.


I don’t remember much about Lima, other than the fact that we went to a beach and there were cows “swimming”.

About the T-shirt:

We arrived on the night “The Dark Knight” was released, so I forced my family to go to the movies that day.


After 2 days in Lima, we took a flight towards Cusco. It is at 3400 kms above sea level, so consider taking coca leaf tea to avoid altitud sickness (it’s not cocaine mom!)


While in Peru, you should totally try one of its most popular dishes: roasted Guinea Pig. It’s not that special, but the experience of eating a whole animal makes you feel like a barbarian. (Vegetarian? They have 3800 different types of potatoes and many dishes with them.)

The train to

Aguas Calientes

This was quite weird, while on the train to Aguas Calientes (the town near Machu Picchu) there was a bizarre fashion show with masks and alpaca clothing. Bizarre. The views from the train are quite amazing, it’s got windows up to the ceiling, so you can see the Andes mountains.


One of the 7 wonders of the modern world, which I totally agree with. Consider arriving early because they don’t let too much visitors inside everyday. It’s full of llamas, so try to get a selfie with one of them.