We visited Norway in 2013, as a part of our trip through Scandinavia. We were only in Oslo for two days, and it was raining almost the whole time.

We spent most of our time inside museums, which was actually great. I looooooved the Viking Ship Museum (probably because I love vikings?).


We were not sure if we’d like this museum, but I’ve always been fan of Thor Heyerdahl’s adventure. It was pretty sweet to know more about the expedition and to see the ship they used.


We basically entered this museum because I had heard about the dark walk (which is a bit short for what I expected). There are pretty interesting things about the North Pole’s expeditions.


In the afternoon, weather got better and we were able to visit Vigeland Park. It’s one of the main highlights of the city. You’ll be amazed with all those sculptures and poses (and as everything was wet because of the rain, everything looked more dramatic).


Most of the city landmarks are in walking distance near downtown. I think the only bus we took was to get to the museums, but we walked the rest of the time. We even walked over the ceiling of the Opera House, which has a nice view of the Oslofjord.


The next day we visited Edward Munch’s museum, which houses many of his most famous works (including the scream). It was also worth visiting.