We visited this country for a day during our road trip through the Balkans (after Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina). We crossed the border and surrounded Kotor Bay to reach Kotor.

The Balkans are full of street cats, but Kotor was the place where we saw the most. Some were so confident they even stood on our laps, so be careful if your allergic. We tend to name the animals we encounter during our trips, these are some I remember which ended up in my journal.


This is a beautiful medieval town with narrow streets, cute cafes and churches. It gets crowded in the summer because cruises tend to stop in this city (there was one when we arrived and the cruise was larger than the old town!)

One of the things we liked was climbing to the Castle of San Giovanni. It will take about 2 hours to climb to the top, and there are different trails depending on your physical condition (my wife was pregnant at the time, and at slow pace was totally doable… with its proper pain the next day).


Half an hour from Kotor is this amazing place, where you can take a water taxi and see Our Lady of the Rocks Church in the middle of the bay. This was man made, when locals started throwing rocks whenever a good voyage ended.

You can also see Saint George Monastery, but only from the boat or from Perast. In Perast, there are beautiful buildings and nice places to have lunch with a beautiful view of the bay.