I went to Guatemala with some friends as a part of an amazing road trip on January 2009. We drove from Mexico City all the way through Guatemala and Belize, with many stops on the way. This post features some of those.


Translated as “Ancient”, this town used to be the capital before it was devastated by an earthquake about 3 centuries ago. You can visit the ruins of its cathedral which is absolutely beautiful.

An attraction nearby is Pacaya Volcano, an active Volcano where you can see a real lava river. Seeing lava was on my bucket list (although I don’t think this tours hiking are very safe).


This is one of the most important Mayan cities in the region, with some of the largest pyramids. Did you know Tikal served as location / inspiration for Episode IV and now Rogue One?

Bonus tip: get in as early as possible to see the sunrise and avoid the heat. We camped outside the site and the view of the pyramids beneath the fog was incredible.