I’ve been to Cuba twice: on Christmas 2005 with my family, and on 2016 with my business partners. Both times I was only in Habana and its surroundings.


The first time we spent Christmas Eve on this Cabaret, it is a traditional Cuban show set in a classic hotel. It’s quite a show, but maybe not the best place to take your kids while they’re expecting Santa Claus (disclaimer: I was 19, so maybe I wasn’t expecting Santa).


Cuba is extremely warm, (after all, it’s the Caribbean). I remember it mostly from the second time I went, which I spent mostly wearing a swimsuit and T-shirt. This outfit will sure make you stand out from the locals (and amazingly, everyone guessed we were Mexican). Be careful though, taxis, food, or mojitos can be sold to you in a higher price.


As we looked a lot like tourists, taxis were constantly charging us a lot. But we found a solution: Taxi colectivo. These are collective cabs where you can hop in and share a fare (only problem is you have to ask if the taxi is going on your direction).