We visited Costa Rica for a week in 2016. We stayed in San José, where we spent the first and last days. The other days we traveled to different places: two days with travel operators and three days with a car (If you’re more than two, consider renting an suv to avoid flat tires and be able to explore the whole country). Here’s an overview of our itinerary:


On our second day we were taken to Tortuguero, a national park with mangroves next to the northern coast. A boat takes you to see birds in trees and then to the beach, where you can drink a Pipa. It was hot but rainy, and the sand in this place is black!


For the third day we traveled to the south, towards Punta Arenas, where we took a Catamaran towards Isla Tortuga. Its a lovely place to visit and relax. Even tough it’s only accesible by boat there are lots of tourists in the high season.

A great activity on the island is to walk on the bottom of the sea like some sort of astronaut (mostly because you can wear glasses).


The next day we rented the car to visit Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos. There are monkeys, sloths, and other animals. You can relax on the beach but be careful with raccoons!


About 15 kms from the park, there’s this Wildlife Sanctuary and Volunteer Center, where animals are rescued and taken cared of. We saw the cutest baby sloths!


On the fifth day we traveled to this reserve. It’s a cloud forest, where you will listen to amazing bird sounds and see huge trees. You’ll be submerged into clouds and hike beneath the fog. It was my favorite place in Costa Rica. ¡Pura vida!